We offer professional support and accompany our clients on a wide range of specialised topics. We work closely with our clients to identify problems and opportunities, develop solutions and strategies, and implement them to achieve specific goals.

  • Mission


    We provide innovative technology solutions and services.
    Our expertise translates into cutting-edge technology solutions. With a focus on innovation, we design and implement tailor-made services to address business challenges.

    For whom:

    To help companies (small business, Enterprise, Telco) and public organisations.


    To improve their operations, optimise processes, stimulate growth and profitability. Our competences materialise in tailor-made solutions that promote a more efficient, dynamic and profitable business environment.

  • Vision

    In an ever-changing world, we strive to be the guiding light for companies and organisations. We provide technological tools and expertise, actively collaborating with our customers to identify challenges and opportunities. Our vision is to shape the future through innovative technology solutions and services, guiding companies and organisations towards improvement and optimisation.

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  • Values


    understood as productivity, competitive advantage, access to information and security. In the business context, maximising efficiency implies the ability to optimise available resources, accelerate processes and ensure that information is accessed quickly and securely.

  • Adaptability:

    understood as readiness, security, competitive advantage and crisis management. In the business context, being adaptable means being able to respond promptly to changing market conditions, maintain high security standards, gain a competitive advantage over competitors and manage crisis situations effectively.

  • Sustainability:

    understood as inclusiveness, well-being, employee morale and employer reputation. In the corporate context, adopting sustainable practices means promoting an inclusive working environment, preserving the well-being of employees, and building a solid reputation.

  • Collaboration:

    understood as employee satisfaction, access to information, better and faster decision making.
    In the business context, the promotion of a collaborative culture is reflected in employee satisfaction, as it fosters a work environment where access to crucial information is easy and decision making is streamlined and efficient.

20 years of the future behind us


symbol of an astonishing evolution, a decade of change that led to the birth of Telecommunications.


birth and foundation of Lizard as a company specialising in the supply of equipment and instrumentation needed for telecommunications and to boost corporate business.


Lizard, thanks to a very ambitious project for the Public Administration, made videoconferencing accessible to everyone, making the still little-known teleworking possible.


Lizard entered the world of Artificial Intelligence, going so far as to set up a proper division with a dedicated sales force.


Despite the period of general uncertainty, and above all thanks to a resilient structure, Lizard remained close to its customers as a point of reference in the field of multimedia and smartworking.


The word that represents this period is change in the sense of transformation and evolution. Lizard has transformed itself by adapting to new business and market requirements and strengthening its organisation.


Lizard has 20 years of future behind it, we are proud of the growth we have made. We define ourselves as a concrete company as an Italian benchmark as a Technology Provider and Integrator.

  • Welfare

    At Lizard, corporate welfare is much more than a set of standard benefits. It is a strategic and cultural commitment that places the person at the centre of everything we do. Through a targeted approach, we seek to meet the individual needs of our employees, recognising their well-being as an essential pillar for productivity and quality of work.

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Projects supported


Aquila Basket

Lizard is a Cast member of Dolomiti Energia Basket Trentino, the consortium of companies that believe in the Aquila Basket project.