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Telecommunications operators

In this Case Study we analyze an ambitious project we carried out alongside one of our own clients, a top player in the telecommunications industry-a journey that enabled both of them to reach important…


Telephone operators (OLOs): customization of network equipment

This Case Study analyzed a project we carried out to support OLOs in rapid technological evolution by offering customized solutions. The overview The telephone operator market (OLO) has been made much…


Enterprise market: enterprise cybersecurity

In this Case Study, we tell you about the project we carried out alongside one of our clients, helping it increase its internal IT security level through the integration of customized, high-performance…


Public Administration: Board of Directors

In this Case Study we tell are to meet the new needs of public administration by revisiting the layout of a city council chamber. The Overview Closeness to the citizen is a fundamental point of Public…


Banks to Insurance: Board of Directors

In this Case Study we looked at the project we developed alongside one of our own clients, helping them save time and resources by introducing this innovative technology into their business processes….


Telco installers: the digitization of the country

In this Case Study we discuss the implementation of a fiber optic infrastructure, specifically the welding tools we provide. The overview Among the 102 ideas for revitalizing the country after the Covid…


Public Administration: City Council Chambers

This Case Study illustrates a project that consists of implementing a streaming platform and setting up the meeting rooms of several city councils. The overview Transparency is understood as the full…


The importance of acoustic treatment in audio/video setups

In this article, we will explore the importance of acoustic treatment in audio/video setups and how it can improve the quality of sound and reproduced audio. When it comes to setting up an audio/video…


From the telegraph to the digital age: the extraordinary history of telecommunications

The evolution of telecommunications has revolutionized the way the world connects and communicates. We examine the fascinating history of telecommunications, from its historical roots to the modern digital…


Change is partnering with Lizard

In 2024 LIZARD will have 20 years of future behind its back. A Trento Company, very concrete because Italian benchmark as Technology Provider and Integrator, already Welfare Champion for the second year…


How to properly manage PECs within your organization

Before addressing the topic of digitization and automation of PEC management, it is necessary to understand the importance of Certified Electronic Mail. According to the publication of AGID – Agenzia…


Welfare Champion 2022

Lizard is among the companies to have distinguished themselves in corporate welfare policies. Yesterday, Dec. 6, in Rome, an award ceremony was held for the 121 Welfare Champion 2022 companies, among…

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