Where collaboration meets technology

The Digital Workplace, an ally for your organisation to foster collaboration, improve effectiveness and offer unprecedented flexibility. We support you in modernising your workspaces, customising multimedia set-ups to meet every need and support you in all digitised communication processes.

Digital workplace: discover our services

We are committed to providing you with solutions tailored to your specific needs. We offer detailed consultancy to identify optimal technologies, pre- and post-sales support and in-depth training in the use of technologies. Our highly specialised team is at your side to ensure maximum support with extensive experience, targeted customisation and continuous use of state-of-the-art technology.

  • Audio and Videoconferencing

    We offer advanced audio and video conferencing technologies that transform your business communication.

  • Digital Signage

    We offer solutions that enable the dissemination of communication and information on multimedia devices such as monitors, displays or projectors through simplified control as well as automatisms for the dissemination of multimedia content.

  • Technical and multimedia furniture

    We provide furniture solutions that fit the design of the entire building, offering multiple alternatives of products, technologies and materials through partnerships with leading companies.

  • Multimedia projects

    We offer professional multimedia projects that integrate audio and video solutions to create immersive experiences to aid internal collaboration. They are developed by experienced teams working alongside you to offer innovative, tailor-made solutions.

  • Augmented Reality

    With cutting-edge technologies, we bring the world of augmented reality directly into your hands, opening up new horizons of interactivity and innovation.

  • Contact Center

    Our Contact Centre solution is designed to respond promptly to current, market and customer needs. With a dynamic approach, we ensure efficient, omnichannel management of your information.

  • Digital Workplace

    We employ the latest technologies to improve communication in and between teams, access, sharing and enjoyment of working environments.

Who we address

  • Enterprise

    Models, we promote engagement, collaboration and social networking. We offer advanced multimedia set-ups for meeting rooms, huddle rooms and boardrooms, providing comprehensive solutions, including video conferencing, room domotics, document sharing, transcription and minutes of corporate meetings. We also facilitate space management with Digital Signage and reservations for shared environments.

  • Small business

    In the context of Small Business, we provide advanced multimedia set-ups for meeting rooms and huddle rooms, offering comprehensive solutions that include video conferencing, document sharing, transcription and meeting minutes. We also facilitate internal and external communication with Digital Signage.

  • Public Administration

    In the complex context of the public sector, where stability of services must coexist with readiness to meet the changing needs of citizens, we act as a partner in the implementation of profound changes. We offer advanced multimedia set-ups for Council and Council Chambers and the Mayor’s Office, providing comprehensive solutions including streaming, remote council participation and digital voting. In addition, we facilitate internal and external communication with Digital Signage by simplifying room management through bookings.