Equipment and tools for your connections

Our dedicated department deals with the supply of equipment for the connectivity users and all related specialised services, as well as the supply of all measurement instruments necessary for the operation of radio, fibre and copper networks.

Our Telco Products and Services for a Connected World

We offer an excellent range of services for user connectivity. From the supply of state-of-the-art connectivity equipment to related specialised services, we are also involved in the supply of measuring instruments essential for the optimal operation of radio, fibre and copper networks.

  • Router, IAD, CPE

    From advanced routers to IAD (Integrated Access Device) and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), we offer state-of-the-art technology solutions to meet your organisation’s connection needs.

  • ACS TR-069 e SNMP

    We provide solutions for advanced management via ACS TR-069 and SNMP of your organisation’s network devices

  • Validation Support

    Our validation support services are designed to ensure in-depth verification and validation of technology solutions. We support our customers throughout the process in a timely and reliable manner to ensure the integrity, security and compliance of deployments and usage scenarios through to implementation.

  • Help Desk

    Our experienced team provides timely and customised support, ensuring ongoing assistance to optimise business operations and maintain high productivity.

  • System Consulting

    Our expert team provides strategic consultancy to optimise networks, ensuring efficiency, security and advanced performance in the complex telecommunications landscape.

  • Measurement tools for installers, organisations and manufacturers

    Our customised offer provides all our customers with access to advanced tools to optimise the installation, maintenance and production of networks while ensuring high standards of quality and reliability.

  • Test e Measurement

    Our solutions cover a wide range of parameters, facilitating the diagnosis, optimisation and maintenance of communication infrastructures, ensuring high performance and reliable connectivity.

Who we address

  • Telco

    The evolution of telecommunications is part of a technological advancement that requires increasingly flexible and automated infrastructures. Therefore, we actively collaborate with telephone operators, installers, technology manufacturers and multi-service companies to provide state-of-the-art solutions.