At Lizard, corporate well-being is an element that goes far beyond a simple collection of conventional benefits. It represents a strategic and cultural commitment that places the individual at the centre of all our initiatives. Through a focused approach, we are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our team members, recognising their well-being as fundamental to productivity and work excellence.

People are the key element of any successful organisation.

Our company philosophy is based on integrity, ethics and mutual respect. We promote inclusion as a catalyst for innovation, encouraging the fusion of different perspectives. We believe that each voice and each diverse experience contributes uniquely to the bigger picture we are building. We believe that diversity is a source of power, acting as an engine for innovation and fuelling the creative energy that emerges from the interaction between people.

The values that set us apart:

Our values are not just principles, but the foundation on which we build our future. With efficiency, adaptability, sustainability and collaboration, we shape our company’s path to success.

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Welfare Champion 2021

The index measuring the welfare level of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.


Welfare Champion 2022

The index that measures the welfare level of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.


Co-founders Welfare Champion Confindustria Welfare Trentino

Welfare that puts the person at the centre, increases real pay, promotes well-being and company competitiveness.