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We provide innovative technology solutions and services that help companies and organisations improve their operations, optimise processes, and drive growth and profitability.


Where collaboration meets technology

The Digital Workplace, an ally for your organisation to foster collaboration, improve effectiveness and offer unprecedented flexibility. We support you in modernising your workspaces, customising multimedia set-ups that meet every need and support you in all digitised communication processes.


Secure connection, secure data

We create and manage your company’s IT infrastructure with competence, professionalism and speed, making your operating costs more efficient and guaranteeing security thanks to partnerships with leading companies and our highly qualified staff.


Equipment and tools for your connections

Our dedicated department deals with the supply of equipment for connectivity of users and all related specialised services, as well as the supply of all measurement instruments necessary for the operation of radio, fibre and copper networks.


Artificial Intelligence for efficiency and process optimisation

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we aim to maximise operational efficiency and reduce repetitive tasks with innovative solutions that enable your organisation to grow in an increasingly competitive and dynamic environment.

In Lizard, human skills are integrated with the power of technology, transforming every human skill into a technological performance engine.

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From Enterprise to Public Administration to Telco: Lizard customises technology to your needs

  • We are committed to offering highly customised technology solutions, tailored to the specific needs in different business realities. Our flexibility and competence span a wide range of sectors, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, Enterprise companies, the telecommunications sector (Telco) and the Public Administration.

  • Enterprise

    he Enterprise environment is characterised by new and evolving organisational models that promote engagement, collaboration, sharing and the development of internal and external social networks. We strive to be the point of reference for professionalism and excellence in technological progress during the digital transformation of our clients’ activities in the Enterprise, Finance and Legal fields.

  • Small Business

    The Small Business market is dynamic and adaptable to any context in which it must necessarily operate. We are committed to professionally and punctually supporting all small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can realise the digital transformation of their activities quickly and reliably.

  • Public Administration

    The public sector needs to combine stability in service delivery with speed of reaction to the changing needs of citizens. Faced with limited resources, tight deadlines and unprecedented challenges, profound change is required. We are committed to supporting our customers in building the foundations necessary to materially improve their services through technology implementation in order to deliver sustainable value for citizens.

  • Telco

    The evolution of telecommunications is part of a technological advancement that requires increasingly flexible and automated infrastructures. Therefore, we actively collaborate with telephone operators, installers, technology manufacturers and multi-service companies to provide state-of-the-art solutions.