Cabolo®, powered by Cedat 85, is an Artificial Intelligence-based device that enables real-time automatic transcription of speech. Cabolo®’s technology offers the ability to automatically record, transcribe, translate, subtitle, index, and archive audio-video content in real time, without the need for an Internet connection.


CABOLO® is the smart solution for any type of meeting, in-person or remote: a device that can work autonomously, transcribe and record simultaneously in various languages. With Cabolo®, you will be able to:

Risparmiare tempo e costi

Save time and costs

Capturing every detail of meetings is essential, but the traditional approach to notes can be laborious and slow. Cabolo®, simplifies this task for you, efficiently and quickly.

Aumentare la produttività

Increase productivity

You can devote yourself fully to the meeting without worrying about losing information.

Garantire la riservatezza

Ensure confidentiality

Cabolo®, ensures maximum privacy through local data storage.

Mettere al sicuro i tuoi dati

Securing your data

Cabolo®, is designed to ensure maximum data security, requires no internet connection thus ensuring all the confidentiality you need.

Different needs, products specifically designed for each.

  • Cabolo-One

    Cabolo One: the device that records, transcribes, translates and archives in real time.

  • Cabolo-Multimedia

    Cabolo Multimedia: the conference system that integrates audio, video and text into a single product for automated multimedia verbalization.

  • Cabolo-Subtitle

    Cabolo Subtitle: the magic box for automatically adding subtitles to audio and video without the need for complex installations.

  • Cabolo-Podium

    Cabolo Podium: the unique, interactive, inclusive, fully integrated, transportable and ready-to-use multimedia podium.

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