Lexy, powered by ILT Lab, was created with the intent to change the way people think about legal services and offer anyone the tools to make their case, prevent litigation, and protect themselves in full compliance with the law. It is an innovative “on-demand” legal advice service, to have a trusted professional by your side whenever you feel the need.


Lexy, easy, fast and convenient legal advice will guarantee you:

Specifiche aree di consulenza

Specific counseling areas

To answer every legal question.

Professionisti esperti per ciascuna materia giuridica

Experienced professionals for each legal matter

A multidisciplinary team will be available to answer each of your questions.

Risposte accurate e approfondite ogni volta che serve

Accurate and thorough answers whenever you need them

Our legal advice offers the precision you need at the right time, combining ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Accesso multicanale

Multi-channel access

You can get assistance through various channels: phone, chat, email, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Velocità€ ed eccellenza in ambito legale

Speed and excellence in legal services

We offer high-quality legal services, ensuring timeliness and accuracy at every stage of the process.

Lexy offers several services in response to specific needs

  • Lexy-Info-legal-point

    Info Legal point: a service designed to answer and resolve legal questions or concerns and handle any situation in the best interest in a timely manner.

  • Lexy-Legal-counsel

    Your Legal Counsel: the professionalism and expertise of a multidisciplinary team that can offer legal advice and support in various areas of law.

  • Lexy-Legal-health-check

    Legal Health Check: a service that can detect possible risk situations, identify the most exposed areas and suggest actions to be taken.

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