How to properly manage PECs within your organization

Before addressing the topic of digitization and automation of PEC management, it is necessary to understand the importance of Certified Electronic Mail. According to the publication of AGID – Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale – “PEC has the same legal value as a traditional registered letter with return receipt.” Thus, PEC makes it possible to manage communications of legal value (sending documents to entities, tenders, payroll, convening councils, juntas, assemblies). They act as a means of transporting information and documents that represent a company’s information assets. If not properly managed, they can give rise to information loss, inefficiencies, and delays, which fall back on corporate business. Companies spend a large amount of low-value time in sorting information from a PEC communication properly and in most cases lose track of it.

Usually, PEC requires an approval process, and this is done by e-mail exchange, leading to difficulties in reconstructing what happened. During sending, it is critical to know whether the message was sent or received by all recipients and, if necessary, to take corrective action. Information leaks, inefficiencies, delays, which fall on the business of enterprise, leading to economic aggravation, legal and image damage to an organization. These are some of the effects that can occur in an organization without the oversight of digital processes or at least parts of them. Equipping oneself internally with a software platform for the management of Certified Electronic Mail means being able to centralize in a single environment all business communications regardless of the managers they belong to, monitoring their sending, receiving and sorting with an eye to digital preservation in accordance with regulations. Through the help of dedicated Dashboard, one can have an overview of the sorting of all communications and their processing status as well as consult the processing history. The processing of a PEC can be assigned to a person, an office, or a role.

What advantages can be gained by using a PEC management software platform?

Let’s find out together.

  • Reduction of human errors;
  • Automation of low-value repetitive tasks;
  • Avoiding the loss of important PECs;
  • Data and information security;
  • Tracking of processing;
  • Activity monitoring and reporting;
  • Automatic notifications and alerts.

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