5 tips for optimising your meeting room

1. Lighting:

it is essential that the meeting room is large and bright. Focusing on a room set up specifically for virtual meetings, it is advisable to opt for homogeneous lighting, avoiding fluctuations in colour temperature and choosing between natural light or artificial light. In addition, it is inadvisable to use direct lighting that can cast shadows on the guests’ faces.

2. The layout:

a carefully furnished room helps to put guests at ease. It is desirable for the room in question to offer an environment with all the necessary comforts for holding meetings.

The following must not be missing from the room:

  • A spacious table with retractable chairs.
  • Chairs with a comfortable, height-adjustable seat.
  • Equipment for multimedia integration: to meet the needs of guests, a meeting room must be flexible, multifunctional, dynamic and adequately equipped for video conferencing.

3. The choice of colours:

did you know that meeting room colours can affect performance and concentration? It is advisable to choose soft colours that can instil a sense of well-being. Avoid optical white, which tends to create a refractory environment.

4. Home automation management of the room:

it is recommended to implement a home automation system for the control and management of audio-video devices in order to facilitate the use of the room.

5. The acoustics:

it is important for a meeting room to be equipped with acoustic treatments, so as to facilitate communication and maintain high concentration among the interlocutors.

Did you know…

A recent study on the business world found that the average time spent in meetings is 37% of the total.

Hence the importance of making meeting venues comfortable and practical, but also aesthetically up to the task.


An example of a well-equipped meeting room.