Enterprise market: enterprise cybersecurity

In this Case Study, we tell you about the project we carried out alongside one of our clients, helping it increase its internal IT security level through the integration of customized, high-performance products.

The Overview

The topic of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for organizations, this is because we are in the midst of a digital revolution, where digitization processes offer great opportunities for growth. However, these opportunities are accompanied by threats that can compromise business processes. Reason why cybersecurity has become of paramount importance for one’s business development. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the time and internal resources to manage a comprehensive cybersecurity plan designed to prevent and block possible cyber attacks.

The project

The client in question had outdated computer systems and a staff that, in addition to not being specialized in the field, was not fully engaged in enterprise IT security management. In addition, there were no dedicated budgets in place. The development of the company’s business brought out the need to protect against cyber threats. In response to the customer’s need, we proposed a useful service for data management and analysis aimed at relieving the customer of the burden of controlling the situation by taking care of it himself. Therefore, we migrated the outdated computer system into a new one by configuring and installing dedicated firewalls. Continuous monitoring of the infrastructure, aimed at understanding the state of vulnerability of the company’s systems, proved crucial in helping the client analyze data from security devices with a view to taking possible countermeasures, thereby increasing the level of security.

The need

The client needed to increase the level of security and cover the lack of a specialized figure. Finally, it needed a general overview of the security status of its systems.

The solution

We identified high-performance products. In addition, we engaged the appropriate personnel to deliver the security services, which are essential for analyzing data from devices and monitoring the status of vulnerabilities in the enterprise. The solution was tailor-made for the client, with a keen eye on the costs to be incurred as well.

Goals achieved with the project

The introduction of the product package offered by us enabled the client to:

  • Increase the level of security, without burdening the work of in-house personnel
  • Have continuous support from us to maintain the security level appropriate to the threats
  • Monitor their systems to know the status of vulnerabilities
  • Being aware of what is happening on the network.

The client has gained a lot of trust in us, so much so that they trust us with 100% security. By continuously updating on the security field, we have greatly increased their skills.