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Enterprise market: enterprise cybersecurity

In this Case Study, we tell you about the project we carried out alongside one of our clients, helping it increase its internal IT security level through the integration of customized, high-performance…


Did you know that not all hackers are bad?

The word ‘hacker’ is often used with a negative connotation to describe cybercriminals, but it is not necessarily the case that all hackers have bad intentions. In fact, the activities carried…


Information security is not what it used to be

Whereas until a few years ago Cyber Security was perceived as a secondary activity to be entrusted to non-specialised technicians, it has now become a top priority. This is an evolution marked not only…


Security awareness: the value of people in corporate security

In recent years, we have witnessed an evolution in the way hackers operate, increasingly focusing on social engineering and phishing techniques to hit their targets. Paradoxically, while companies equip…


The role of cybersecurity in digital transformation

According to the Clusit 2020 report, cyber attacks have increased by 7 per cent from January to June 2019. Cybercrime seems to have adapted well to the change in context brought about by the pandemic,…