Information security is not what it used to be

Whereas until a few years ago Cyber Security was perceived as a secondary activity to be entrusted to non-specialised technicians, it has now become a top priority.

This is an evolution marked not only by the digital transformation, in which more and more organisations are involved, but also by the spread of cyber attacks that are particularly complex to manage internally. This is how ‘Security as a Service’ is gaining ground: computer security understood as a service managed by outsiders.

The enlargement of the network perimeter due to new ways of working and the implementation of cloud platforms has inevitably changed the approach towards corporate IT security. It is no longer conceivable to protect oneself against cyber criminals by installing simple protection software, as effective cyber security management requires a dedicated and highly specialised team.

Outsourcing a service such as Security as a Service, in addition to the net cost cut due to the implementation of the necessary infrastructure, allows companies to be relieved of the part of finding professionals specialised in Cyber Security. Professionals who, in order to offer a service up to standard, must guarantee 24/7 protection. Also because cyber criminals tend to attack companies during the night, holidays or weekends: times when the IT team is usually not connected.

The advantages of choosing a Secaas (Security as a Service)

  • Opting for a Security as a Service guarantees you maximum protection through the use of the latest, most efficient and high-performance security tools.
  • Opting for a Security as a Service allows you to have at your disposal the best IT Security experts with specific skills that are rarely found within organisations.
  • By outsourcing your Information Security to a SOC (Security Operation Centre), you can focus your time, resources and manpower on what is of primary importance to your organisation.
  • Outsourcing IT security means cost savings. In fact, you can avoid buying hardware, software licences and training an IT team to deal with increasingly difficult threats.
  • For SMEs, the cost-effectiveness of a SaAS is undoubtedly the best. By adopting a security service outside the company, you can meet (almost) fixed costs and thus stay within your budget.

Please note!

Clearly, relying on a SOC for Cyber Security does not mean relieving the organisation of all responsibility. First of all, it is of paramount importance to be able to choose the appropriate provider for one’s needs, after which a way must be contractually defined to periodically monitor the service received.