Public Administration: Board of Directors

In this Case Study we tell are to meet the new needs of public administration by revisiting the layout of a city council chamber.

The Overview

Closeness to the citizen is a fundamental point of Public Administrations, which is why, increasingly, City Councils are conducted in accordance with transparency regulations, letting citizens participate. This new paradigm highlights the need to revisit the layout of council chambers in response to the new requirements.

The project

The project was based on a modernization of present solutions and the introduction of new technologies. The public address system, amplification, projection screen, and hall computer were retained. The microphone system was replaced with a digital one that also allows voting, the projector with a higher quality laser one. Three cameras with self-positioning of the speaker have been introduced, connected to the director’s system that centralizes all functions and allows management from tablets with a customized layout. The whole is connected to a videoconferencing and streaming system with the ability to access all proprietary videoconferencing platforms as well as natively to those standard.

The need

Renovation of the technologies present in the City Council room and introduction of new functions suited to the technological environment (with the possibility of viewing the council by the citizen through streaming and with the participation of councilors also remotely).

The solution

  • Gathering the desired functionality in the hall.
  • Analysis of the present context in order to reallocate, as much as possible, pre-existing equipment
  • Conversion of an analog setup to a digital one.
  • Design of the set-up following the desired functionality
  • Implementation of the installation.

Goals achieved with the project

With the installation, configuration and training work completed, the client migrated to automated room management, minimizing uncertainty and the risk of default.

At the same time, we were able to fully respond to the requests made during the project assignment, noting benefits achieved by the client with the transition to new technologies and services.