Public Administration: City Council Chambers

This Case Study illustrates a project that consists of implementing a streaming platform and setting up the meeting rooms of several city councils.

The overview

Transparency is understood as the full accessibility of information related to the activities of public administration and contributes to the realization of egregious citizen service. In recent years, transparency has become a key issue in implementing the democratic and constitutional principles of equality, impartiality and efficiency during the conduct of public events such as municipal councils. In particular, during the first lockdown, the need emerged for municipalities to make councils accessible to citizens remotely.

The project

A public system company, working nationwide, relied on us to make the use of municipal councils available to all municipalities in its territory in the interest of citizens. We supported this company in creating a streaming platform and setting up meeting rooms in individual municipalities so that council meetings could be viewed remotely.

The set-up was designed with the architectural context of the municipalities in mind, proposing solutions in line with the aesthetics of the meeting rooms. What’s more, the same technologies also proved useful for routine circumstances. The project was executed using professional audio video technologies capable of ensuring consistently high quality. In addition, streaming and recording of councils were integrated into the portal made available to citizens by the system company.

The need

The municipalities involved needed technological solutions for audio-video transmission of council meetings so that they would be transparent to citizens even remotely.

The solution

The audio video technologies adopted allow for maximum collaboration, even in low-light conditions. These are not consumer solutions, such as the most common webcams, but endpoints with a stand-alone system (no need for a computer to start the videoconference), in some cases a microphone system and a system for voting and verbalization.

Goals achieved with the project

The client succeeded in fulfilling the requirements set by the principle of transparency, bringing citizens closer to the issues dealt with by their exponents. Finally, the process of digitization and collaboration among administrative components was accelerated.

Thanks to this project, Lizard was able to contribute to the acceleration of a process of innovation in the field of public administration.