Banks to Insurance: Board of Directors

In this Case Study we looked at the project we developed alongside one of our own clients, helping them save time and resources by introducing this innovative technology into their business processes.

The Overview

In increasingly complex business environments, privacy and accuracy in capturing important conversations in real time is critical. Specifically, bank boards need to transcribe sensitive and confidential conversations; however, the current approach to taking notes can be costly and time-consuming. In addition, latency in the speed of transcription, delivery, and circulation of board minutes slows down work, hindering the organizations’ productivity.

The project

The client, accustomed to conducting about 4 councils per week with an average duration of 4 hours, highlighted the need to speed up the transcription of its minutes, which was taking more or less 25 hours. Cabolo® proved to be the ideal technology to meet the client’s emerging needs; a solution capable of automatically transcribing each and every passage, significantly shortening the time it takes to transcribe minutes. In addition, this innovative solution enables intelligent data storage on a single device that allows traceability through keywords.

Another key issue was maximum information security. Cabolo® is a stand-alone solution that saves transcripts and audio locally without the need for an Internet connection, ensuring maximum privacy for its users.

In addition, European supervisory bodies, in order to be able to communicate with banks, require transcripts translated into their languages. Cabolo® is available in multiple languages, with vocabularies tailored to individual customer needs. The integration of Cabolo® into the bank’s operational processes has initiated a digital transformation path that involves not only the introduction of new technologies but, more importantly, a cultural and value change.

The requirement

  • Automatic transcription of minutes
  • Multilingual translation of documents
  • Data storage locally to ensure corporate privacy.

The Solution

Lizard, to address its client’s need, identified Cabolo®: an artificial intelligence-based device that makes the work of recording, transcribing and translating meetings simple, fast and secure.

Goals achieved with the project

The introduction of Cabolo into the client’s business processes made it possible to:

  • Reduce the risk of error
  • Significantly speed up transcription work, saving time and resources
  • Translate minutes into different languages
  • Work in an environment with maximum security criteria
  • Integrate Cabolo with both room and web-based audio video systems.
  • Having metadata available.

Lizard not only succeeded in strengthening the customer relationship by crediting all departments of the bank, but also received interesting insights that enabled it to improve solutions for other similar institutions.