Telco installers: the digitization of the country

In this Case Study we discuss the implementation of a fiber optic infrastructure, specifically the welding tools we provide.

The overview

Among the 102 ideas for revitalizing the country after the Covid-19 emergency contained in the Colao Plan, digitization is of primary importance. The lockdown demonstrated this: Italy must become a more digital and connected country to provide continuity for Italians.

Consequently, to start the digital transformation, it is necessary to extend the already existing connection infrastructure, such as fiber optics, to all Italian regions and cities. Lizard has made itself available to the companies involved in the implementation of this project, providing the tools to solder fiber optics. Optical fiber is a very thin strand of glass having an outer diameter of 125 microns (to get 1 micron you have to divide the millimeter into 1,000 parts). It consists of two very thin glass tubes inserted into each other.

The project

One of the leading telecommunications installers in the country was involved in the implementation of new fiber optic infrastructure. To cope with the latter’s various requirements, a Lizard customer had to select the best products and tools to ensure efficient and quality work. In this specific case, we provided the reference technologies in the domestic market for the entire fiber optic splicing part: Japanese-made, Sumitomo-branded splicers with both core and cladding alignment. These solutions make it possible to perform alignment between fibers of the highest precision also thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, which significantly reduces:

  • The risk of human error during fiber optic preparation and splicing
  • The processing time

In addition, the use of Sumitomo splicers has enabled our customer to achieve the very high performance required by the operators, lowering the costs normally associated with rework of splices.

The need

To initiate the digitization of the country, it is essential to develop quality fiber optic infrastructure. Laying a fiber optic network involves splicing activities.

The Solution

We have the best splicers on the market.

Goals achieved with the project

Thanks to the collaboration with Lizard, the client was able to count on a competent partner who offered primary quality products while meeting the operators’ deadlines.

Lizard was able to:

  • Effectively support its customer
  • Strengthen its know-how
  • Consolidate a strategic partnership.