Telecommunications operators

In this Case Study we analyze an ambitious project we carried out alongside one of our own clients, a top player in the telecommunications industry-a journey that enabled both of them to reach important milestones!

The Overview

The world of telecom operators is constantly evolving, considering that in B2B offerings the solutions, the services provided and the quality of connectivity count. Another relevant issue is competitive costs: critical to winning a good market share in a highly competitive industry.

The project

How can a telecommunications operator combine the above aspects while taking into consideration the current market and laying the foundation for the future one? This is just one of the major challenges we faced together with the client during a long journey of growth. In particular, the need emerged to rationalize the countless technologies that the operator already had, coming to identify solutions that could meet not only immediate needs but also future ones. From the relationship established with the client, a strong mutual esteem was born that allowed us to be the absolute protagonist in this digital transformation journey. The rationalization of the client’s multiple technologies led us to focus on a few apparatuses capable of covering a variety of usage scenarios. We chose to invest on resources, time and people dedicated to customizing solutions so that they could be used by the client in both highly complex rather than simpler scenarios. At this point, a question arises: can such high-performance solutions with highly customized features be priced competitively in the B2B market? We have developed an economy of scale that is critical for volume growth, creating critical mass and allowing us to lower the BOM cost.

The path taken has resulted in important milestones for both parties involved.

The need

To reposition the commercial offering through the provision of dedicated equipment for the new context.

The solution

  • defined the type of suitable apparatus
  • provided support for their validation on the customer’s network
  • given support to the delivery and assurance process.

Goals achieved with the project

Thanks to a careful analysis by our technical staff, it was possible to identify, based on the services provided by the customer, the appropriate type of equipment ensuring a high quality standard. Through this activity, the customer was able to segment the level of services according to present and future needs, thus offering the end user personalization and efficiency.

The relationship with the customer has been consolidated and strengthened through high mutual trust, sharing of professional skills and transfer of value. As a result, we have strengthened its positioning within a highly competitive market, becoming the benchmark for its skills.