Welfare Champion 2022

Lizard is among the companies to have distinguished themselves in corporate welfare policies.

Yesterday, Dec. 6, in Rome, an award ceremony was held for the 121 Welfare Champion 2022 companies, among more than 6,500 surveyed, who received high marks in the ten areas of corporate welfare. For the second consecutive year, LIZARD is among the companies to have excelled in corporate welfare policies on a national scale, the highest rating of 5W. The recognition comes from the Welfare Index PMI 2022 ranking, a survey sponsored by Generali Italia that rewards “Welfare Champion” companies.

What is Corporate Welfare? It is the set of initiatives that a company can undertake for the safety and well-being of employees, their families and the social community in which it is embedded. Corporate Welfare is made up of 12 main areas: supplementary pensions, employee training, support services, and many others. This, for us, is a source of deep pride.


Corporate Welfare grows business and is good for the country.